By working with some of the leading brands in the nation, Kandice Hutcheson has grown into a diverse and talented individual. Her aptitude for growth and drive is only paralleled by her passion for creating unique, user-friendly, and stunning web designs. As a true development visionary, Kandice has vast experience implementing graphically appealing and mobile-optimized websites that perform, as well as finding solutions to problems companies face while growing their online presence.


Kandice has earned an Associates of Fine Arts from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a focus on Web Design and Interactive Media. Over the last ten years, she has worked tirelessly on sharpening her skills and honing her craft.

While many developers only look to earn a buck, Kandice has a true passion for coding, learning, and seeing projects through to completion. When she isn’t creating stunning designs, you can find Kandice researching new technology and reviewing industry best practices. Simply put, she is uniquely entrenched in the growing community of front end developers and digital marketing specialists alike.


After beginning at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, she originally assumed she would be a designer. On face value alone, designing involved mounds of creativity, which peaked Kandice’s interest. However, she found that development, coding, and the digital marketing side of the web was much more intriguing. She then devoted her time to learning more about development and marketing to expand her knowledge base to create stunning websites that produce results.

Although Kandice still has a sincere adoration and interest in designing, development and marketing have become her passion.


You can learn more about Kandice’s skills and experience by checking out her resume here. You can contact her anytime by using the contact form on this page. She can also be reached by phone at (678) 961-9435.

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