Front End Developer

Over 7 Years Experience

Kandice Hutcheson is a well-rounded developer that understands both the development and project management sides of a project. She can work with Project Managers, Content Writers and Clients to accurately set realistic expectations for projects. Kandice understands not only what goes into the development of a website, but also the purpose of the website, the end goal. She is able to analyze sites to find ways of improvement and really understands the big picture of projects through attention to detail and great communication within a team environment.

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Technical Skills

HTML(5), CSS(3), SASS, Grunt, Node.js, GIT, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress Custom Theme Development,, Light PHP, Light JavaScript, Animate.css, Photoshop, Illustrator

Media Experience

UX, Responsive Design/Development, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SEO


Great at following design compositions and making recommendations for improvements.

Hybrid Developer

  • *Experience in both agency and freelance environments.
  • Experience with both small and large clients. Able to speak with clients on technical requirements if needed.
  • Able to provide extensive customization based on clients needs.
  • *Strong Custom WordPress, HTML and CSS hand-coding experience
  • *Strong Photoshop skills
  • *Home office setup


Kandice developed or designed over 70 websites in the last 2 years. She has also made improvements to the development team by decreasing most buildout times by developing and implementing a basic development starter theme for rapid prototyping.

Contact Kandice Hutcheson to learn more about her skills, experience and abilities. More examples available upon request.

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